May 3, 2018 | Tips & Style

What’s Better, DIY or Professional Carpet Cleaning?

In the age of Pinterest, we’re all a little guilty of looking for DIY solutions to almost every one of life’s problems. How do you get wine stains out of clothing? What’s the best way to pack for a trip? How do you clean your own carpets? And while we are the first ones to admit that we head to Pinterest to look for fixes to life’s little annoyances, there are a few areas where people get into trouble because they skip the professionals and end up with expensive mistakes. This isn’t always the case with carpet cleaning, but we have seen our fair share of DIY gone wrong as well.

Our friends at Smart Vacuums have some great thoughts on the subject that they passed along to us, along with a handy infographic:

Carpets. They are wonderfully soft, aesthetically pleasing, and come in a whole range of colours and styles. However, it’s almost impossible to prevent these wonderful carpets from getting mucky. It happens to the best of them, whether it’s an overexcited dinner guest or a combination of kids and dogs who don’t know how to wipe their muddy feet. Regardless of what has caused your carpet to become dirty and/or stained, it might be time to start looking into getting it cleaned, which poses the next question – professional or DIY?

They both have advantages and disadvantages, and this can make the choice a little trickier than anticipated. Professional carpet cleaners have more experience, do a thorough job, are insured against damage, and also have better equipment to deal with tough spots. On the other hand, DIY carpet cleaning is often much cheaper, but there is the risk of you damaging your floor, and it takes a lot more effort and time.

We tend to agree! While cleaning your own carpets can be done, you might be taking a fairly significant risk with an important element of your home. Yes, we realize that because we offer in-home carpet cleaning services, we’re a little biased, but we choose to offer this service and partner with Yorkville Carpet Care because we see the importance of providing our customers with high quality carpet cleaning. We didn’t want to stop at rugs and other textiles, leaving you to fend for yourself with your wall-to-wall carpet!

Take a peek at this infographic Smart Vacuums put together and compare professional vs. DIY carpet cleaning:

Infographic describing how professional cleaners have more powerful equipment, are insured against damages, and have faster drying times

Check out our in-home carpet cleaning and then contact us to set up an appointment!

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