March 8, 2018 | Tips & Style

Living Areas: Room by Room Spring Cleaning

In keeping with our series on spring cleaning, today is all about living spaces. These are the spots in the house where we binge watch Netflix, curl up with our cat and a good book, and even have the occasional take out dinner. Living spaces are almost always made cozy by lots of textiles so that they can accommodate all of our down time, which makes them important items on a spring cleaning to do list.

bright and sunny living room with white couches and black arm chairs

Spring cleaning your living areas should include:


Living rooms, hallways, entryways, and anything in between are high traffic areas. Muddy boots will have inevitably tracked in dirt during the winter and although you’ve spot cleaned, spring is the time to get your rugs and carpets properly taken care of. Start the sunnier months off right with fresh carpets. Also, make sure to do this well before the humidity of a Toronto summer sets in so that they dry quicker. Parkers now cleans rugs at our own plant or will come to your home to do carpets, so there’s no excuse for smelly or dusty textiles underfoot.

Couches & Chairs

Remember that time you spilled tea on your couch and gave it a quick blot because you were in the middle of Pretty Little Liars? It’s still there. Now’s your chance to have that spill (and the countless others you’re now recalling) taken care of. Parkers actually offers in-home cleaning services in the GTA, which can include upholstery cleaning, but also can include carpet and window treatments. Basically, we can handle a good chunk of your most essential spring cleaning.


These soft little lounging companions are probably your most abused textile (apart from rugs, of course) and yet, they are regularly overlooked for cleaning. Take a peek at your throw pillows and see what their care instructions say. Some of the covers can be removed and washed in your home machine, but if not, we can clean them! Schedule a dry cleaning pick up and we will bring your pillows back smelling fresh and ready to use as a shield for your next scary movie marathon.

Bonus: We know that we mentioned window treatments last week, but just in case you need a second reminder: you need to clean your entire home’s window treatments. This includes your living areas!

Phew! That wasn’t so bad! Next week, we’re onto your kitchen and dining areas, so buckle up. If there’s ever a part of the house that prompts the most stain care googling, it’s the dining room.

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