February 28, 2018 | News & Updates

Bedrooms: Room by Room Spring Cleaning

Optimistically, we are going to go ahead and start talking about spring. We know, it feels a little early, but we’re hoping that this is an “If you build it, they will come” kind of situation. Also, we want to give you a chance to make some lists and get organized before you really dig in and start your spring cleaning.

Lists tend to make spring cleaning a lot more bearable and less overwhelming, don’t they?

In order to break it down a little more, we’ve decided to do a brief spring cleaning series where we chat about a few different areas in your home and how to tackle their spring cleaning, specifically when it comes to textiles.

The first area on our list is bedrooms. You know, the place where you spend six to eight hours every night and yet also the place many people tend to skip during their spring cleaning? We get it. Giving the garage a must-needed overhaul seems like it is a better use of time, but when you really consider how much time you spend in your bedroom, making sure that it’s clean should be at the top of your list.

Photo of the end of a wrought iron bedframe with various blankets hanging over the railing

Spring cleaning your bedrooms should include:

Sifting through your closets

Donate anything in good condition you no longer wear or recycle clothing that is beyond repair. Take the time to try items on and see whether they just need some tailoring. Pack away your winter clothing, but make sure that you clean everything before you do. Storing unclean clothing is the quickest way to disappointment when you get them out again next year and see that there were invisible stains never dealt with and that have now discoloured your favourite jacket.

Duvets or Bedspreads

All of your duvets and bedspreads need to be cleaned. If you are going to be switching to some lighter bedding for the spring, then you need to have them cleaned properly before storing them. If you’re not switching out your bedding, but aren’t 100% sure the last time it received a proper cleaning, it’s definitely time. Schedule a dry cleaning pick up and check that task off your list!

Window Treatments

Bedroom window treatments are extra important because of the amount of time you spend breathing the air in your bedroom while you sleep. Dust and allergens love to cling to window treatments and then re-circulate into the air and spring is the perfect time (as is fall) to get in there and give everything a good once over. Parkers will even clean your drapes at home, so you don’t need to worry about taking them down and bringing them in. Learn more about Parkers’ in-home window treatment cleaning service.

Bedroom, done! Next week? We’re going to tackle big living spaces and all of the pet traffic, entertaining spills, and muddy boots that go along with them.

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