December 8, 2017 | Tips & Style

Men, bundle up with a great winter jacket

As dry cleaners, we can confidently say that Toronto is full of fashionable men. And what do these men do when it gets cold out? They find themselves some stunning jackets and keep on rocking their Instagram-worthy outfits of the day.

We know that it feels like women tend to have more choices in fashion, but winter jackets might be one of the times when the playing field is a little more level. If you happen to be someone who loves a closet full of winter jackets, we applaud you! If you’re someone looking for a few pieces you know will get you through the winter, we can help you with that.


3 Essential winter jackets for men


Any suit-wearing gentleman should have a high-quality overcoat in his closet. Toronto is just plain too cold to tough it out with only a suit jacket while running from the TTC to your office, so having a well-fitted overcoat is essential. We usually see these in wool, which is why finding a good dry cleaner is important in the world of overcoats.


You need a parka if you live in Toronto. That’s a fact. There’s no use fighting it, so just search around until you find one that you look and feel great in, knowing that you’ll probably be wearing it often. Make sure you look for one that allows you to to move around without feeling constricted because you’ll be wearing it while doing various winter activities, especially if you have kids.

Wool Field Jackets

Another wool favourite, these classic winter jackets are suitable for everything from a date to a holiday shopping trip. Aside from the sheer practicality of the parka, a wool field jacket is probably going to be your most popular choice this winter, thanks to its versatility. Go for one with a slightly formal edge to get the most use out of it.

Regardless of which winter jackets you choose to put into rotation this year, keep them in tip top shape by having them dry cleaned regularly and make sure you give them lots of breathing room when you hang them up after coming in from the cold. Remember, you can schedule for Parkers Custom Clothing Care to pick up your winter jackets for dry cleaning at no extra charge. Knock an errand off your list and spend a little longer in the warmth of the indoors!


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