December 18, 2017 | Tips & Style

3 Dress Alternatives for the Holidays

Cocktail dresses appear to be the holiday uniform of choice for women, but if you’re not into dresses, or if you have small children and know that you’ll be sitting on the floor at least once during the event, pants might be a better option. Pants can be more comfortable, can be styled in more ways, and sometimes can even up your fashion boldness game, so if you’ve been second guessing your choice to wear pants, don’t!

There are countless options for wearing pants instead of a dress over the holidays, but we have 3 favourites when it comes to styling pants for a holiday event.

Fitted leather pants with a flowing top

Real or faux leather pants or leggings immediately look a little fancy, especially when paired with a gorgeous party-worthy top. If you’re opting for leggings, we suggest covering your bottom to keep the outfit a bit formal. Also, try pairing it with some serious heels and jewellery.

Billowy pants with a crop top

If you’ve been eyeing the crop top trend, but aren’t sure how to wear it, the holiday season is the perfect chance to try! Pair a structured or boxy crop top with high waisted pants that have a lot of room in the leg. It will provide a great balance and will look stylish and put together. You don’t need to have a lot of skin showing to make this trend work, but if you’re heading to a New Year’s Eve party, you certainly can expose a little skin and get away with it. The outfit we picked below would be perfect for holiday drinks out with the gang. You may need to put a jacket on though!

Sleek silhouette with a bodysuit

We know that choosing anything form-fitting during the holidays is a little risky, but if you’ve been good (or if you couldn’t care less and want to rock your favourite outfit), we love the sleek silhouette that comes from some skinny pants paired with a bodysuit. This number requires some awesome accessories and heels, but it can certainly be festive and fun!

The holidays tend to bring out our fancier sides, so make sure that you keep Parkers Custom Clothing Care in mind as you care for your favourite holiday outfits. Sequins, leather, or anything with lots of detail requires a professional cleaning and we offer dry cleaning pick up and delivery at no extra charge to make life a little easier.

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