July 26, 2017 | News & Updates

Just a little liquid sunshine

Summer is about iced coffees, patio brunches, and maybe a music festival or two. What summer should not be about is rain; but, unfortunately, rain happens no matter how many times we’ve stared at our weather app, trying to will that 60% chance of thunder showers on Thursday to disappear. And the trick with rain in the summer is that it’s still hot out, so you’re not going to toss on your winter jacket during a scattered shower; you’ll reach for your trusty raincoat.

If you’re a classic yellow raincoat person or would rather wear an athletic hiking jacket, caring for these poor weather companions isn’t as straightforward as you’d think. Check out your clothing care tag. Does it forbid everything from washing to bleaching to dry cleaning? One of the reasons that your clothing care tag is so strict is because raincoats are made out of technical fabrics and even though they protect you from the elements and seem super strong, they need special care to maintain these protective properties.

Another surprising example of a fabric like this is probably sitting in your gym bag right now (or hanging over the hamper if you’ve already worked out today). Athletic wear uses technology to wick moisture away from your body and enables you to run for miles without feeling like you’re wearing a soggy cotton sleeping bag. Again, these technical fabrics can lose their workout worthiness with improper care. For athletic gear, you’ll want to avoid: leaving sweaty outfits balled up in your bag, washing with too much detergent, washing with non-athletic fabrics, and using dryers altogether.

While we’re happy to clean your workout wear, as long as you’re careful and read your clothing care instructions, you should be able to wash your athletic gear at home. Raincoats, on the other hand, are a little happier with a clothing care specialist. Schedule for us to come and pick up your raincoats or drop them off at your nearest Parkers Custom Clothing Care location. We’ll have them smelling fresh and ready for the next time you’re caught in a few drops while watching Shakespeare in High Park.

Don’t worry. We wouldn’t dare post about raincoats without including a few of our favourites!

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